About Me

Greetings fashion world. My name is Selena Berkeley and I have been called a fashionista for many years now. With my love of fashion, I figured what the heck, why not write about it and share my opinion on what’s hot in the fashion world. Not only what’s hot but what I like to wear and why. I will take you on my fashion adventures of shopping today’s most popular brands and what is going viral in the world of fashion today. While this site is only my opinion, you can count on the brands I speak of to be highly researched topics. I will give you not only my opinion on brands and styles but the opinions of others who wear the brand also.

Due to my background working for a news station you can count on me doing my due diligence when researching a clothing brand. Call it investigative reporting if you will. I search through page after page online finding those in the business who can give me insight, search for how to videos and so many more to help you get a feel for the brand or style I am writing about. While I may mention people or stylist in my articles, I can assure you I have no affiliation with any of these people and the information I share on my site is informational only and never will I promote anyone without their strict permission. All pictures, videos and quotes I share on my site will have the copyright notice on it to let you know where it came from!

Enjoy reading.