In the Know with Knowlita: 21st Century Fashion with a Statement

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Knowlita is a fashion brand in the know who are committed to providing a sense of nostalgia to their products while giving a voice to modern culture and ideas. Founded in 2015 in New York City, with their headquarters on Lafayette and Broom, Knowlita possesses an urban identity and is perhaps most renowned for their ‘Or Nowhere’ slogan which originated locally with ‘Montauk or Nowhere’ and has grown organically to include slogans like ‘Paris or Nowhere,’ ‘Tribeca or Nowhere,’ and ‘Cleveland or Nowhere,’ in collaboration with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Knowlita is a twenty first century fashion brand aimed at allowing you to fully express yourself and your sense of style.
Named for the Nolita neighborhood in NYC, and repurposed with the addition of the K and W to represent the passion and eclectic nature of the brand, Knowlita has given a little dose of New York attitude to the world with their clothes and products. Knowlita has a range of varying T-shirt, Crew cut tee, hoodie and hat designs. From their popular ‘New York or Nowhere,’ ‘New York by Nature,’ and ‘Touché’ slogans, to their simple, yet elegant, K logo, Knowlita have something for you printed on all of their clothes and accessories. Stay in the know with Knowlita’s patented soft cover notebooks featuring recycled paper, and stay woke with Knowlita’s line of chic sloganed coffee mugs.

Worn by everyone from Lebron James to Emma Stone, Knowlita is redefining the clothing and fashion industry one product at a time. In collaboration with a multitude of varying brands from around the world, such as Nike, Le Labo, The Cultivist, and Stella Artois, Knowlita has spread word of themselves far and wide with their attention to detail, high quality products, and poignant messages. Despite their major industry involvement, however, their inexpensive pricing has allowed Knowlita to remain a people’s clothing brand, with most of their hoodies costing around $100 and their T-shirts running around $50. The majority of Knowlita’s witty and on point slogan library can be purchased for wall hangings, as well, both framed and unframed.

Currently hosting a pop up shop known as ‘Knowhere’ at Saks on fifth avenue in New York City, Knowlita is changing the face of modern fashion. In a recent interview, the founder of Knowlita discussed the formation and future of the brand saying he has a lot of strange ideas and doesn’t know the next step, adding it could something as complex as a hotel, opera, or arcade. A clothing brand born from a passion for staying in the know, the knowledgeable wear Knowlita!