LulaRoe Takes Comfort Into Consideration

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We’ve all suffered for fashion. Whether it’s getting jabbed in the eye by that dreaded mascara wand or rubbing blistered feet after a long day in heels–it’s happened to all of us. “Beauty is pain,” right? Well, not always. There’s a lot of companies that are doing their best to incorporate everyday comfort into their clothing line–each with their own varying success. One particular brand, LuLaRoe, has this same idea of being comfortable and stylish simultaneously, and has since the beginning.

DeAnne Stidham, founder of LuLaRoe, was a single mother doing her best to provide for her seven children. Her life was hectic; she didn’t have time to look stunning and meet the needs of everyone around her. Although she started out selling dresses for another company, it was with the right financial backing that she was able to make her dream come true: LuLaRoe. Since the small business launched, it has expanded quite a bit–they sell dresses and skirts mostly but do have some selection of t-shirts and pants. Their clothes have a very retro feel to them–they tend to be patterned and bright, but easily modifiable to personal needs if needed.

As mentioned before, the motto of LuLaRoe is to bring drop-dead adorable clothing to the customer that doesn’t leave them bruised, sore and regretful later. A lot of this is done through the kind of material the brand uses. For instance, the Jade Leggings–most often worn to work out–contain a moisture-wicking material that prevents chaffing and other unpleasant sensations that come along with sweating. Another example is the LuLaRoe Carly Dress. The swing dress is an A-line, knee-length choice that comes in a variety of colors, prints and sizes. Comfort-wise, it’s designed to have pockets and be free-flowing so the wearer doesn’t feel trapped in their own skin. These are just two examples, however, LuLaRoe has a large selection of pencil skirts, maxi skirts, and even kimonos to choose from.

Perhaps the most unique thing about LuLaRoe is how it is sold. Instead of having to drag yourself to the store to look through racks and strip in fitting rooms, LuLaRoe comes to you. They generally have two options to buy their apparel: either through another online boutique, or through their individual retailers that are stationed in all fifty states. In the latter, the individual retailers actually come and set up an in-home shop. This is particularly popular if you’re having a small gathering with friends and want to shop from the comfort of your own home. The idea of an individual retailer is very reminiscent of DeAnne’s previous career before she launched her own line, and having these retailers work well for both customer and seller. For pricing, LuLaRoe varies based on clothing item. For dresses, it can be anywhere from forty to sixty dollars, while tops run from thirty to seventy dollars. Depending on the individual item, it can vary. For the Carly Dress, it runs about fifty-five dollars.

There’s a lot of companies and brands out there that preach about comfort. Being able to boast about comfort, affordability, and style is another thing. Through hard work and dedication to the fashion industry, the phrase, “Beauty is pain,” does not apply to LuLaRoe nor DeAnne Stidham.